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How Great is Yarmouth!

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On the south side of Yarmouth, there is a trio of excellent restaurants that have stood the test of time. First is The Riverway Lobster House, located at the intersection of Route 28 and North Main Street. One of the oldest restaurants on the Cape, it has been serving seafood, steaks and more classic fare in a comfy atmosphere since 1944. Captain Parker’s Pub, sitting two and a half miles from The Riverway, has been serving great food in a family-friendly environment for more than 30 years. Gerry Manning opened his beloved establishment in 1981, and it has remained open nearly every day since.  The pub’s greatest claim to fame, though, has to be their clam chowder, which has won numerous awards, including Cape Cod Chowder Fest’s top honor eight times. Then there’s the Skipper Chowder House, overlooking Parker’s River Beach. In operation since 1936, it has been serving classic Cape Cod seafood and its own award-winning chowder for generations of locals and visitors alike.

The recreational opportunities are numerous in Yarmouth. They include calm south-side beaches like Seagull Beach, which abuts the luxurious Great Island. There is also Bass River Beach, more commonly known as Smuggler’s Beach, at the mouth of Bass River. It combines sun and sand with a slice of history. It is on these shores during Prohibition that alcohol smuggling known as “rum running” took place, with some of the illegal booze making its way to the Casa Madrid speakeasy located only a quarter-mile away. That building still exists today on Run Pond Road.

For more exciting slices of history the entire family can enjoy, there is the Whydah Pirate Museum. Located on Route 28 in the former site of the ZooQuarium, Cape Cod’s newest museum is a celebration of Sam Bellamy and the Whydah pirate ship, which wrecked off the coast of Wellfleet in 1717. Considered the worst shipwreck along the Cape’s shores, the Whydah is remembered with stories and actual artifacts from the ship, including the world’s only authentic pirate treasure.

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