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How Great is Yarmouth!


Yarmouth’s newest recreation option is one that connects the village to most of the remaining stretch of Cape Cod. The Cape Cod Rail Trail, which for decades ended at Route 134 in Dennis, was extended 3.7 miles west into Yarmouth. Construction began on the project in October 2015. The new leg of the Rail Trail, which includes bridges over Route 134 and Station Avenue in Yarmouth, was opened to the public officially in December 2018. There is a large parking area on Station Ave., and the Rail Trail now ends at Higgins Crowell Road—it is now possible for riders to park in Yarmouth and take the trail all the way out to Wellfleet. There are plans to extend it further into Hyannis near Mary Dunn Road, with a potential parking area on Independence Drive, already in the developmental stages. 

Occupying the center of Cape Cod and stretching from bay to sound, Yarmouth keeps its rich history front and center. Picturesque Route 6A provides an escape from the bustle of Route 28, giving drivers, riders and walkers a slower scenic trip into Cape Cod’s heart and soul. Filled with tried and true restaurants, entertaining attractions, quaint shops, and bordered by pristine beaches, the town of Yarmouth has something for everyone. It is at once a lively hub and a quiet throwback to simpler bygone days. It is a place to stay up late and a place for a peaceful afternoon stroll. Yarmouth’s village life is everything good about Cape Cod rolled into 24 square miles of land.

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