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In memoriam: remembering Royston Nash, Sue Carstensen, Nancy Ellen Craig, and Sally Nerber

Sue Carstensen, Cape Cod Art Annual 2016

Sue Carstensen

Sue Carstensen, the founder of Birdsey on the Cape, passed away April 4 at the age of 67. Birdsey—Carstensen’s art gallery—was a treasure in the village of Osterville for 35 years, featuring the works of many up-and-coming local artists. “She was a huge figure in the business community in Osterville,” says Susie McLean, an artist and a close friend. “She left a huge hole in the fabric of the town.”

Carstensen was a character, McLean says, and will be missed. “I will always picture her sitting on a bench in the sun reading a book outside the gallery—always on duty,” McLean says. “That’s how I picture her in heaven.”

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