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Inspiration, joy and a whole lot of color

Falmouth resident reaps a bounty of rewards from his backyard garden

Life April 2016

Meandering through Dave Lynch’s luscious gardens in midsummer is a delight to both eyes and nose. Outside Lynch’s Falmouth home, colorful annuals and perennials dance on either side of a stone walkway that winds its way through the flowers, wraps around a frog pond, and disappears into tall stalks of corn.

Brilliant red mandevillas, luminous cleome with their exceedingly long seed pods, and the heat-tolerant and drought-resistant vinca are just a few of Lynch’s favorite annuals, and are found scattered throughout the gardens. Perennials such as colossal white Incrediball hydrangea and vibrant black-eyed Susans add variety and texture.

That midsummer glory takes a lot of work—spring finds Lynch cleaning up winter damage and prepping the garden for the early perennials. Fertilizing, pruning the bushes, and putting down pre-emergent weed killer are all part of his thorough routine. But it’s a labor of love for this 75-year-old, who bought a 1916 farmhouse on Davisville Road in 2002 and turned the property’s small vegetable garden into a showpiece that has earned accolades from neighbors and passersby, as well as recognition from local garden clubs.

Lynch credits his father, Frank, for his enthusiasm for gardening. Growing up in Arlington and Needham, Lynch helped his father in the family’s garden and the seed was first planted. “I would follow him around, helping out with the landscaping and tending to the yard, and I enjoyed what I was doing,” Lynch says. “When you’re 8, 9, 10 years old, you absorb everything. You’re like a sponge. That’s where I picked up the beginnings of gardening, and I just took it from there.”

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