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Inspiration, joy and a whole lot of color


Lynch spends about 25 hours a week in his gardens from April to October. As long as the weather cooperates, he likes to start each day in the yard. Along with gardening, he enjoys playing golf once or twice a week at the Falmouth Country Club and in a Monday night league. He also volunteers for hospice and at the Falmouth Council on Aging Senior Center. “You don’t always realize how many people need help because it’s out of sight, out of mind,” Lynch says. “But volunteering has opened up my eyes to all those in need of a little aid.”

In the off-season Lynch continues to find inspiration for his garden through research on websites such as, and from various gardening magazines. When it comes time to actually purchase his plants for the year, he visits at least half a dozen nurseries. “I’ll often go out and scout before I even purchase,” Lynch says. “I like to go and see what the nurseries have and what is new. Then I’ll decide from there which plants to purchase where.”

For Lynch, tending his gardens is like escaping into his own little world. Luckily for those around him, it’s a picturesque world that they too can escape to with just one step down the stone path.

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