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Quintessential Cape

Though it’s impossible for Linda to choose her favorite feature of the home, she says she loves the original cast-iron sink and tub in the retiled bathroom, as well as the lighting elements the design team chose. “I love the lighting,” she enthuses, especially the vintage chandelier in the living room and the ship’s bell design of the sconces in the loft.

“Sarah and Peyton were so nice to work with—we especially loved their plan to keep the cottage charm,” Linda says. “We completely trusted them. It was amazing to watch their vision come to life, and the end result was even better than we imagined.”

“It ended up being a really fun project and one that the homeowners really gave us and the builder carte blanche,” says Waldo. “When we were installing everything, we were sitting at the kitchen table and we were both like, ‘We could live here! This feels good!’” And that feel-good kind of vibe is just what Waldo and Lambton had envisioned for this Cape Cod getaway. “It’s summer on the Cape—we wanted them to be able to come down on the weekend, throw open all the doors and windows, and just enjoy and relax,” Lambton says. To Waldo, “We wanted it to be a house where they could walk in and it would feel like a breath of fresh air.”

Well, mission accomplished. “Oh my gosh,” Linda says with amazement, “every time I walk through the doors I feel a sense of peace and calm.”

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