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It’s a ChappyWrap!

The uses of ChappyWraps go beyond those of your average blanket. The blankets are durable and serviceable through season after season on the bleachers, countless summer days on the beach, or years of accompanying children everywhere. For more low-key use, ChappyWraps are perfect for curling up on a rainy day, catching a sunset on the back deck, or enjoying a quick nap before a fun night out.

Martha’s Vineyard memories are woven into these stylish—and so cozy—blankets created by two entrepreneurial mothers.

Reusch does note that there is a problem when families have just a single ChappyWrap blanket, however. “The number one comment we get is ‘we need more, everyone is fighting over it.’ Whether they’re wrapped up watching TV or taking the blanket down to the beach, Chappy- Wraps are going everywhere,” Reusch says. At 60 by 80 inches, ChappyWraps can cover two people, but the level of comfort is evidently enough to make people very territorial about the blankets.

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