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It’s a ChappyWrap!

When Reusch and LaSala first began they were very proud and excited that the materials for their products could be sourced right in the United States. Unfortunately, the start of the economic downturn in 2008 forced the factory that was producing ChappyWraps to close. This particular factory was the last in the country that had the machinery capable of manufacturing ChappyWraps to the standard the partners were looking for, so they were forced to search overseas for another manufacturer.

These entrepreneurial ladies were in luck when they found a factory in Germany that employed the same type of jacquard loom and napping machine that had been used in the factory in the U.S., and production continued with the same standards intact.

“The benefit of using a jacquard loom is that the design is being woven into the fabric,” explains Reusch. This allows for the blankets to be reversible. Unlike blankets with designs being printed (rather than woven) on the fabric, ChappyWrap’s designs will not wash off, or fade easily over time. All yarn used to make the blankets is colorlfast as well, so the colors will not bleed or run when washed.

Martha’s Vineyard memories are woven into these stylish—and so cozy—blankets created by two entrepreneurial mothers.

Soft and huggable, ChappyWraps are 60 percent cotton, 33 percent acrylic, and seven percent polyester. The cotton provides all the warmth and comfort needed to make the perfect everyday blanket, while the acrylic and polyester keep ChappyWraps from shrinking, pilling, and attracting pet hair. All blankets are machine washable, so they can take a beating and come out of the laundry fresh and clean with no hassle.

ChappyWraps are available in over 40 designs with a number of motifs. Sailboats, lighthouses, and anchors are the perfect accent for Cape and Island homes, while the plaids and stars and stripes look and feel great at any picnic, around a bonfire, or lounging in the backyard. “Patterns are always in flux,” says Reusch. “Sometimes we’re bringing new ones in and retiring others. We get so much repeat business that the customers always want something different.”

Each year ChappyWrap opens its Design Search, where fans and customers can submit their own ideas to be made into designs. Once the submissions are compiled, the public votes on the best ideas. The top three choices are created and winners get the first ChappyWrap with their winning design when it comes off the production line.

In the future, LaSala and Reusch hope to see ChappyWrap become an iconic name. “We recently learned that we’ve shipped to every state in the country, but we want ChappyWrap to be a household name for everyone’s special blanket,” says Reusch and LaSala. ChappyWrap. Don’t leave home without one!

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