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It’s been 70 great years for the Cotuit Kettleers

It’s been 70 great years for the Cotuit Kettleers, Annual 2017 Cape Cod Life |

Pen & ink by Jo Jo Brennan Grade 12 Falmouth High School

At games, he often saw Mycock and his buddies Moe Sherman and Art Brennan sitting together in the top row of the bleachers. “I got to know the cast of characters very well,” Sturtevant says. “I called them the three amigos. They were all Cotuit mainstays. They maintained the field—they maintained everything.” Following Cotuit victories against his teams, of which there were many, “Arnold would say ‘thanks for the win, Chuck,’” Sturtevant recalls.

“Arnold loved the game, he loved the Cape Cod Baseball League, and he loved the Cotuit Kettleers,” Sturtevant adds. “He’s probably more well known by more major leaguers than any other person in the league because of what he did for them.”

Paul Rikfin, a longtime Cotuit resident, got to know Mycock while taking photos at Kettleers games for The Barnstable Enterprise. He recalls that Mycock would always keep the box score. “He had a love for the game that was wonderful,” Rifkin says. A native of New York, Rifkin grew up a fan of the Brooklyn Dodgers, rooting for Jackie Robinson and Gil Hodges. He and Mycock often chatted about the history of the Cape League.

Speaking of history, Galop, who spent many years serving in many roles for the Chatham Anglers before being elected commissioner, mentioned a few dramatic championship series that Cotuit and Chatham played over the years. In 1992, Chatham clinched the title at Cotuit in a 12-inning game; three years later, Cotuit won the first game, Chatham took the second, and Cotuit claimed the third for the crown.

The teams faced off again in 1999. Chatham had home-field advantage and won game one. In game two, Cotuit snatched victory from the jaws of defeat late in the contest. Leading by a run in the ninth, Chatham brought in reliever Derrick DePriest, who hadn’t allowed a run all summer! Cotuit put a few hits together, and somehow eked out the win. “That,” Galop says, “ripped our hearts out in Chatham.” In the third game at Chatham, the Kettleers won decisively: 7-1. “It was exciting,” Galop says. “The sad part was my team was on the short end. Here it is 16 years later and it’s still a wound.”

Since Paul Logan has been involved with the Kettleers, the team has won two championship trophies—now named for Arnold Mycock—in 2010 and 2013. Following the victory in 2010 there was a joyous celebration on the field, Logan recalls, and the next day the players were all headed back to their colleges or hometowns.

“It was a lot of fun,” Logan says. “You knew you were the best of the best for the Cape League that season—and Cotuit was the best of the best that year. And hey, it’s always fun to win.”

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Matthew J. Gill is the editor of Cape Cod LIFE magazine.

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