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It’s summertime—and the reading’s easy

A novel about challenges, Hope, and baked goods

Details and descriptions of seven great “Beach Reads” with Cape and Islands connections

Hope McKenna-Smith is divorced, she recently lost her mother to cancer, she is nearly broke, and she is struggling to keep her family’s Cape Cod bakery afloat. Enter Hope’s grandmother, who is struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, and who shares a long-kept secret with her, asking Hope to travel to Paris to track down her family’s history before the truth is forever lost to memory.

In Kristin Harmel’s seventh book, The Sweetness of Forgetting (2012), the author explores the tough topics of Alzheimer’s, divorce, and the Holocaust, while engaging the reader with a tale filled with memorable characters. As every book featuring family-owned bakeries should, the novel also shares nine original recipes, including overnight meringues, chocolate dream squares, and Cape Codder cookies. Paperback, 349 pages.

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