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It’s summertime—and the reading’s easy

Beachcombing for biologists-to-be

Details and descriptions of seven great “Beach Reads” with Cape and Islands connections

In Into the Field Guide: A Walk on the Beach (2013), Brewster writer, Laurie Goldman, offers readers an entry-point into the fascinating world of ocean and marine life. A marine biologist and science journalist, the author has a passion for the water, the beach, and the natural world, which makes the easy-to-follow guide a valuable Cape vacation resource.

Suitable for children and adults, the book offers descriptions of dozens of species divided in three categories: rocks, sand, and driftwood; animals; and plants and algae. Interesting characteristics, photos, and suggestions on where to find these coastal dwellers are also provided. Lastly, the color-coded pages make the book great for quick referencing during a day of sunbathing or beachcombing. Hardcover, 110 pages.

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