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Writer: Brenna Collins / Photographer: Kirsten Doherty 

Nauset High’s Green Club President \\ Igniting sustainable change within the rising generation

Izzy Nobili, junior at Nauset High School, is proof that making waves in the community does not have an age restriction. As a three-season athlete, President of the Green Club, and a member of the Garden  and Poetry Clubs, Nobili definitely knows how to get involved. Her kindness, humility, and care for her work, as well as the Cape Cod community, is deeply ingrained in every aspect of her being.

Nobili is a lifelong resident of Eastham and has cultivated an appreciation for Cape Cod, which in turn has motivated her community involvement. “I think that if I had grown up somewhere else and hadn’t had the same access to nature and wildlife, I definitely would not be who I am today. It is such a special atmosphere,” Nobili says. Entering Nauset High, she became involved in athletics, joining cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track. In addition, her involvement in the Garden Club, as well as the Poetry Club, has expanded her horizons. For the past two years, Nobili’s work as President of the Green Club, along with thirty student members, has made an impact on Nauset High and the local community.

“As I have grown up, I started to realize the environmental issues that we face and how individuals and groups as a whole can make an impact. Once I got involved in the club and realized what it was about, I became very passionate about the mission,” Nobili notes.

Her older siblings, Maddie and Colin, members of the Green Club as seniors during her freshman year, inspired her to join. For over a year, the club has been campaigning to convert their cafeteria from plastic to metal silverware.  

“Last year, we started collecting metal silverware from local thrift stores. It was really inspiring to go around and share our motives. The community jumped on board and we got so many donations. Our goal was 4,000 utensils, and we are just shy of that. We went to our cafeteria and the superintendent and said we are willing to take whatever steps needed to convert. Just two weeks ago, we made the switch to metal utensils, and it has been going well. That brought to a close a year’s worth of collection and work,” Nobili shares. 

“Another big focus we have is a program called Green Threads, a thrifting initiative at the school. We collect used and unwanted clothing from students, teachers, and community members and turn it around to sell at school, local events, and online. It’s a great way to promote secondhand clothing and get the idea of recycling into the community,” says Nobili.

With such large success, Nobili hopes to keep this momentum moving and growing, not just within Nauset, but the extended community as well. “It’s becoming easier in today’s society to garner support for the issues we focus on. It is nice to have so many passionate students coming in that will keep this mission alive. Our goal is to spread our mentality out to the student body to make Nauset a greener campus as a whole. While we are focused on Nauset, we feel that spreading out to other areas in the community and getting involved is also important,” Nobili shares. 

While there are still great strides to be made, Nobili is encouraged by the Cape’s caring community. “I think it is easier here to have eco-related ideas well-received because people are so passionate about the environment that they live in. It is our job as Cape residents to notice the little things we do and how much of an impact they can have. Wherever there is progress, there are lots of steps that can be made towards a greater future,” Nobili comments. With a broad range of interests and goals, Nobili’s future looks bright, in whichever direction she takes. The rising generation is truly conscientious in their aim to better our world. One cannot help but be hopeful with individuals like Nobili paving the way towards a greener future. 

For more information and inspiration, check out The Green Club’s active Twitter for more on how you can help!

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Brenna Collins