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Let The Landscape Speak

The crown jewel of the property is its beach access, but creating that wasn’t a simple task. Gilson first had to get permission from the Conservation Commission to create a boardwalk over the dune. Then, she faced the task of actually designing the 130-foot staircase. “I’d never done that before,” she admits, “not that number of steps, and the slope was extremely steep.” Kinnane agrees: “Trying to put in those stairs on a 45 degree angle of soft sand is a difficult working condition.”

In the end, the completed project is a remarkable testament to the power of a well-focused team of designers and a client with an open mind. Kinnane describes it as “a feather in the cap” of the beautiful Cape homes he has managed. Gilson remarks that echoes of the Truro project can be seen in her recent work, while Lake says the modern home has opened the door to similar projects for Forehand + Lake.

For Neubauer, this project represents the elusive achievement of total satisfaction. “To bring together architecture, landscape design, interiors, furnishings, and an expansive art collection, and it’s just nailed on every level, that’s an incredible moment in one’s career,” says Neubauer. “Most architects have these projects inside us; we’re just waiting for the opportunity to do them. We get a few chances in a career to really do what we can do, and a project like this is that opportunity.”

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