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We have amended our publication schedule including combining the 2020 Cape Cod LIFE May issue with our 2020 Cape Cod HOME Early Summer issue and combining our 2020 Cape Cod LIFE July and August issues into one expanded issue. If you have questions about how these changes will impact your subscription, please email us.

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“I knew I was traveling too much when I got a text from my wife with picture of a new dog. I looked a little closer and realized that dog was sitting in my chair!” Carr’s rescue dog Molly (above) has become an indispensable part of his life.

Today, Carr spends his time working on more of his beloved art projects. His latest venture with winemaker Aaron Pott, called Dylan’s Ghost, is named after poet Dylan Thomas. The back of the bottle features a Thomas quote: “I hold a beast, an angel and a madman in me, and my efforts are their self-expression.” Carr has plenty of efforts to show throughout his life, and his wines are simply one incredible part of a life of self-expression.

Carr is often moved by the effect of his wines on people’s lives. “My wife and I used to sit at home and read things like, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Carr, I met this guy and we went on a date. He ordered a bottle of Josh, and now that’s our wine.’ Or, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Carr, we were just at a wedding and our nephew and his new wife served Carr chardonnay, and here’s a photo of that wedding.’ ‘Mr. and Mrs. Carr. I love your cabernet sauvignon. I’m going through a divorce right now, and on Fridays, I spend a lot of quality time with you.’ ‘Mr. and Mrs. Carr, our son’s name is Josh. He’s a proud member of the United States Marine Corps. Oorah. Two years ago, he was killed in Afghanistan, and we shared your wine to celebrate his life.’ It doesn’t get any better than that,” says Car with a tear in his eye.

Carr believes that with success comes failure, and that it’s how you handle those inevitable failures that sets you apart. His advice? “Find something you love to do, and find someone you love.”

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