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K: Kozy Kitchens

Considered one of the most helpful kitchen extensions, the island provides the homeowners with more counter space for food prep, deep storage space for those larger items, and adds more dimension to the kitchen. Islands can be utilized during every step of the cooking process, from prepping to cooking to plating to serving. The countertops are a smooth soapstone, offering a contrast in color and movement with its subtle veining. Just below the countertops is custom milled shiplap with an intricate wave pattern. “It’s a nice twist on the typical flat shiplap design and adds more texture to the kitchen against its simple square edge Shaker style cabinetry,” says Manfredo. Materials play a large role in this renovated kitchen, from the glass wave tile backsplash to the shiplap island to the exposed whitewashed beams at the high ceiling. The soft, light hardwood floors and wood bar stools at the island add warmth to the monochromatic kitchen.

Renovations are never without a challenge and the homeowners decided to take “open concept” to the next level, quite literally. To really open up the kitchen, the homeowners saw an opportunity to swap their flat ranch ceiling with a vaulted cathedral ceiling. Realizing they had extraneous attic space above the kitchen, the homeowners realized the ultimate way to make a ranch as un-ranchlike as possible was to utilize the space.  An unexpected feature in a ranch, the cathedral ceiling elevates the space beyond its traditional style and function. While planning for the new ceiling, SV Design had to take into consideration not just the style, but the size and structure needed. “The added beams are structural collar ties, with such a long span, our selection limited the types of wood available, so we needed to source beams long enough to span the space and at the same time look aesthetically pleasing,” says Manfredo. The results are select pine beams white washed to match the rest of the home. While having exposed beams is a statement on its own, the light finish blends in to create a harmonious flow throughout the house. “Utilizing the attic space for the cathedral ceiling above the kitchen, dining room and living room helped join the spaces, making it feel like one room. Adding the structural beams helps ground the large room so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming,” Manfredo explains. Hanging lights in the kitchen and a fun shell chandelier in the adjoining dining room again add dimension to the large ceiling. 

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