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Limited space, lots of comfort

Limited space, lots of comfort, Cape Cod HOME Early Summer 2016 |

Photograph by Dan Cutrona

Because the left side of the lot featured a slight incline, Hagerty could see that the best views of the water were going to come from the second level of the home—or higher. However, since the front of the home faces the water, the challenge involved designing a second-level deck or porch that would not look out of place. “Oftentimes, it is the back of the home that faces the water, which gives you a little more freedom to build decks and balconies that take full advantage of those views,” says Matt Teague, REEF’s president. “We had to find a way to build something onto the front of the home that would provide the views and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time,” Hagerty adds.

The gambrel roofline on the front of the house provided an ideal architectural element to nicely accommodate a front porch on the main level, and a deck on the second level that wouldn’t appear ostentatious. Built off the master bedroom, this second-story deck provides the water views the homeowners were looking for.

Renovations to other homes in the neighborhood inspired Hagerty and his clients to consider building an additional deck along the home’s roofline. With the construction underway near by, Hagerty and his clients worried that the views from the master bedroom porch might be obstructed once the neighbors’ work was completed. Mike and Kathy asked Hagerty to find a way to protect their investment—especially the wonderful views—while respecting the integrity of the neighborhood and the neighbors themselves. The result would prove to be the home’s piece de resistance.

Hagerty designed a room on the attic level of the home, with a small balcony seemingly built into the roof. Though small, this unique feature plays an important role, offering the homeowners a sweeping panoramic view of Cape Cod Bay. “That room in the attic makes the most of the home’s interior space and at the same time provides the view,” Hagerty says. “When we first went out there and realized we could see Wellfleet, we knew we had something special.”

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