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Limited space, lots of comfort

Limited space, lots of comfort, Cape Cod HOME Early Summer 2016 |

Photograph by Dan Cutrona

In addition to the architectural features, the home includes several thoughtful interior design elements. In the kitchen, the multi-level island with rattan chairs invites family members and guests to sit and talk while meals are prepared.

Since the couple’s off-Cape home has traditional cherry cabinets with lighter-shaded flooring, the homeowners selected an opposite color scheme for the kitchen in this their summer home; the Shaker-style cabinets painted in taupe, along with light Quartzite countertops, evoke the feeling of a summer cottage. “I wanted everything in this house to be light because we are near the beach,” Kathy says.

Despite the home’s many unique features, according to Hagerty, the biggest challenges on this project did not involve design or construction, but garnering approval for some aspects of the project from local regulatory boards. Before the project was ultimately approved, the architect and homeowners had to make a number of changes to their original plans, including moving the proposed screened-in porch from the left side of the home to the right. Each change had ripple effects, of course, and in the end addressing all the changes and getting everything approved took nearly a year.

Other challenges came courtesy of Mother Nature. The home was built in the winter of 2014-2015, one of the worst winters this area has experienced. Teague recalls trying to finish certain parts of the home before one of the season’s weekly storms blew in. “I think we ended up putting the roof on twice,” he says. “We had just finished it, but it hadn’t had time to seal before a storm with 70 mph winds came through and blew off the shingles. But we still finished the house on time.”

With all the hard work completed and the challenges overcome, the end result of this project is an impressive summer home with a coastal style and flair all its own. “The amount of house we have on the amount of land we have is amazing,” Kathy says, “and it looks so good. I feel like our house fits beautifully on the property, like it has been there all along.”

Mary Stanley is a regular contributor to Cape Cod HOME.

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