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Living color for all seasons

An interior decorator shares a coastal color palette for that most important of spaces—the living room—that reflects Cape Cod’s beauty, all year round.

Photo by Josh Shortsleeve

Photo by Josh Shortsleeve

In a traditional coastal palette, pale peach, soft blue, aqua, and sea green complete the theme for many interior spaces. White is often chosen to frame the color subtleties. This palette is an easy way to create a perfect vacation environment, especially for the all-important living room. Yet, for those who live on the Cape year round, a stronger color palette creates a bold visual effect, providing all season beauty.

Yet, some people live on the Cape year round. Permanence requires an adjustment to the color palette of any Cape interior. Thinking boldly will bring a visual memory to all who visit and lounge in your delightful living room—no matter what the season!

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