A preview of the 2015 Provincetown, Nantucket, and Woods Hole film festivals

Marquee Attractions

Courtesy of : Nantucket Film Festival

Cape Cod and the Islands are known around the world for their gorgeous beaches, pristine natural settings, fresh and flavorful seafood, and a laidback vibe that keeps vacationers coming back year after year. In the past two decades, the region has also become a mecca for visitors who enjoy the fine art of filmmaking.

During the summer, interest in first-run independent films heats up at annual festivals in Provincetown, Nantucket, and Woods Hole. Not only do attendees have the opportunity to see films that may never appear in local theaters, they can interact with the filmmakers behind the films, and learn about the filmmaking process, the struggles, and the attention to detail involved. “This is the place to discover films before the rest of the world knows about them,” says Connie White, artistic director of the Provincetown Film Festival.

The festivals draw thousands of film enthusiasts, directors, actors, and others in the industry every year-—as well as summer vacationers curious to learn more. With many evening screenings and events, the festivals offer many cool options for cooling off. Enjoy! For more information, visit capecodlife.com/readersinfo.