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May 2018 Cape Cod Life General Store Partner Profile: That Fabled Shore

That Fabled Shore

Postcard Perfect: That Fabled Shore is bringing history home

Ted Goode, owner of That Fabled Shore, knows full well the valuable history that the Cape and Islands have to offer. In fact, he collects it.

Goode has a passion for vintage postcards, one-of-a-kind creations that he preserves in various forms—from tempered glass cutting boards to his newest offering, frosted mugs. For Goode, it’s about recognizing the Cape’s storied history and offering those long-forgotten stories back to the communities to which they belong.

“There’s a period in postcard production when colored photography wasn’t being used yet, so people would take black and white photographs and apply color afterward,” he says. “It gives them a really beautiful tinted coloring.” Goode explains that beyond the aesthetic value of the cards, this period of history was also marked by consistent coastal change on the Cape and Islands. “There’s an awful lot of history and a lot of beauty captured simultaneously in these postcards,” he says. “Most importantly, they contain histories unique to their communities.”

“If you love history, it can connect generations,” says Goode. “I pick them for their beauty, but I know that they’re all locally relevant. For example, I have an amazing colored picture of the ‘Sconset railroad train,” he says, explaining that people often have a hard time believing there was once a railroad on Nantucket. “There are so many different dimensions to these pictures outside of their beauty and whatever application I put them in.”

Obtaining the postcards is no easy task, and preserving the color requires an extremely high resolution photo editor. For Goode, though, it’s a labor of love. The rare images can be made into any of the products he offers. “People can affordably decorate their home, give a gift, or have something to remember their summertime on Cape Cod.” The heart of That Fabled Shore is in creating one-of-a-kind catalogs that are special and meaningful to various communities, and with his products, customers can bring those unique histories straight into their own homes.

The scenes that Goode recreates are ones that have often disappeared altogether, but even still there are commonalities that all Cape lovers can relate to. One of the images is of Highland Light in North Truro, where the lighthouse is accented by a soft pink sunset in the background. “If you live on Cape Cod, you know that there really are sunsets that beautiful,” says Goode. His image of the Nantucket Rainbow Fleet rounding Brant Point Light is equally recognizable.

Goode understands two important things about Cape Cod. First, that it’s beautiful, and second, that it has a rich history. The images he collects recognize both of these things, and, in turn, That Fabled Shore offers products that make incredible additions to any home.

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