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Mimosas Aren’t Just For Brunch

The Perfect Time for a MimOHZA

“Ohza came to me as an idea two years ago while on a boat leaving Waquoit Bay in Mashpee,” says Ryan Ayotte, owner and founder of Ohza—a premium mimosa brand that makes use of quality sparkling wine and real juice. Ayotte found himself spilling juice and champagne everywhere as he tried to make the perfect drink for a day on the boat with his friends—a problem that has surely plagued more than one boater across the Cape & Islands. After that, he began reaching out to industry veterans, consultants, suppliers, distributors and anyone that could help him with the years of research that he put into creating the perfect product. 

Ohza is just like the mimosa you would make in your own kitchen, but in a can so you can take it with you on the go. “Mimosas are meant to be enjoyed at places other than just the brunch table, so we made a convenient, portable option,” explains Ayotte, who quickly trademarked the slogan “Not just for brunch.”

Not only is Ohza perfect for the active lifestyle that usually comes with beach days on the Cape, summer outings with family, or even a day on the ski slopes, it’s also low in calories without sacrificing the signature taste of a mimosa. “Since almost a third of every can is filled with orange juice, you know you’re getting bold, authentic flavor,” says Ayotte. 

Owner & Founder Ryan Ayotte shows off his new product Ohza, a Cape-inspired
mimosa in a can—perfect for warm summer days ahead!

As a brand, Ohza—a play on mimOHZA—is approachable, fun, and makes use of premium ingredients. “I love that Ohza is a product to be shared amongst friends,” says Ayotte. “We believe in supplying good times, and the more people that can join in, the better.” One six-pack of Ohza is equivalent to two bottles of champagne and a half carton of juice. “Can you say small footprint, big party?” jokes Ayotte.

“There is nothing like Ohza out there,” says Ayotte. At 5% ABV and with a taste that is light and flavorful, but also free of gluten and artificial flavoring and with no added sugar, Ayotte has not only created the perfect solution to the problem he encountered on that boat ride across Waquoit Bay, he’s done so in a way that is mindful, progressive and, of course, delicious. “If we can be the beverage that is always bringing people together to create a good time and create lasting memories,” says Ayotte, “then we’ve done our job.”

Ohza is available at select retailers and restaurants across the region. Follow their journey online
at and on social media
@ohzamimosas using the hashtag #NJFB

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