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Nauset Lantern celebrates 60 years in a unique way

Styles range from their popular Onion, with its globe-like shape, to the Cape Cod Traditional, which features an open bottom with the light bulb hanging down. The lanterns are designed to be electric, yet they are made with old-style latches, vent holes and reflective plates—just as they were originally made long ago. As a personal final touch, each lantern has a nameplate engraved with the Julian calendar date of when it was crafted.

Berardi says he intends on maintaining the tradition of Nauset Lantern, preserving the history of the lantern styles that are uniquely their own, while growing the business by putting his fresh spin on their product offerings. “My mind’s racing with ideas,” he says, one of those being to expand their interior lighting options, including their line of painted lanterns. “We want to take this to the next level,” says Berardi, noting that these lanterns can be painted in any color desired. He’d also like to offer more custom work, as they have the ability to make anything out of copper, or brass, and hopefully incorporate his woodworking skills along the way.

“My wife and I are excited to see what it becomes, because we definitely want to continue the business and grow it all at once,” Berardi says. “And I still want to work here,” Joly adds. “As long as he wears pants,” Berardi quips as they burst into laughter.

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