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Sandwich harbormaster

The building committee shared the original blueprints of the Rose Standish with Paula Drury, interior designer with Brown Linquist Fenuccio & Raber. She had the prints converted to a large scale graphic mural that becomes a focal point as you enter the lobby.

Constructed adjacent to the headquarters building is a new garage workspace, featuring large bays with overhead hoists that allow staff members to work on vehicles and dock sections in a controlled environment. To make room for the new headquarters building, a playground was moved closer to the water.

“Even before this project, I used to take my kids to that playground every weekend when they were younger, so I was very familiar with the site,” says Sawyer. “That gave me a unique perspective that you don’t always get with an architect. Intimately understanding and knowing a site is quite a bit different from coming into a project somewhat cold where you’re trying to learn everything you can about it.”

“Sometimes when I go to the supermarket, I’ll swing by the harbor for the memories,” says Raye.

“It’s nice to bring family and friends there,” says McGrail, who uses the boat launch with her family. “You feel good saying ‘I worked on this project.’”

A video case study of the project can be seen on Coastal Engineering’s web site,

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