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Writer: Rachel Walman

Ben LaMora, founding partner and president of Lineal Architects + Builders, was recently named president of the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Cape Cod (HBRACC). Representing Lineal as a member of HBRACC for 8 years, Ben plans to use his time as president to lead efforts that will bolster and encourage the much-needed work force on the Cape. ~ by Rachel Walman CCH: When did you discover your passion for architecture and homebuilding?  BL: As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be an architect. I believe I was in eighth grade when I was lucky enough to meet a local architect, and I asked him for a job. He let me intern for him and I never looked back. The value of a mentor can be life changing and I look forward to helping my sons discover what they have a passion for.   CCH: How do you approach a Lineal project, and how would you describe that process for your clients? BL: We are here to facilitate, inspire and execute our clients' dreams. Since we manage our projects from concept to completion, we get to fully explore the creative options while taking the costs and pragmatic side into account early on in the process. Our teams get together to share the clients' vision and create a decision tree, considering what's most important and where certain roads may lead. This process allows frequent evaluation and project transparency is important to us. Together with our clients, we can go confidently from one project phase to the next-minimizing stress for all involved.  Though each project is unique, the process remains the same. CCH: What drew you to the Association? BL: My first introduction was through one of my vendors, Ron at Shepley’s, who brought me as a guest. The first few meetings opened my eyes to how…

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