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Osterville abode provides a home away from home

Home Away from Home, Early Summer 2017 Cape Cod HOME |

View of the living room from the second floor landing. Photo by Michael J. Lee

Friendly games of pool, sports on the over-sized television, and all matters of fun are evident in this billiard room, largely due to Wilson’s daring treatment of the space. The existing gray painted wainscoting was transformed with a rich marine blue high-gloss paint. With white walls above the wainscot, Wilson envisioned a yachting environment, but she had to convince Mark to trust her until the installation was complete. A print featuring an aerial shot of a world-class yacht under sail set the tone for what might have been assumed to be a masculine space, but in reality gathers the entire family and a whole suite of friends, age and gender regardless. “Mark had trouble endorsing the color, especially when the rooms were empty and all you saw was this strong high gloss color on the wainscot,” Wilson confesses. “I just asked him to trust me until the whole project was complete, and I promised to change it if he didn’t like it, but it turned out perfectly. The key was the high gloss. It all comes together to say ‘New England nautical.’”

The staircase to the second floor is another achievement Bereznicki incorporated into his original design. While not imposing by any means, it pauses and climbs on multiple flights and landings as it wraps around the foyer below, subliminally reminding one of the home’s classically designed qualities. The landing at the top as it embraces the oculus, serving as the hub of a wheel with multiple bedrooms at each spoke. Wilson says that her goal was to provide that peaceful, seaside sensation you get when you go on a much-needed vacation. A game table and four chairs encourage family and friends to pause and collaborate on a jigsaw puzzle, a beach inspired craft, or a raucous game of Crazy Eights. A casual seating area on the landing opens to a second story balcony overlooking the perfectly manicured fairways of the Wianno Club. Surprisingly, when asked about her favorite part of her new home, Claire reveals that the upstairs landing is special to her, “I guess just because it is so simple and laid back; it’s about taking some time and just stopping to connect. The kids love it, I love it, and we continually find ourselves drawn to whatever we have going on in that area.” Given the bird’s eye view, the encouragement of childlike exploration, and the peeking over the balcony to the adults below, one can certainly understand how it might have that magical tree house sort of attraction. Additional inquiries as to what the kids love most about their new home, Claire quickly acknowledges that the village proximity is a new and quaintly adventurous upside for the family. “Our home in Acton is lovely, but fairly remote. We live on a winding country road, and it’s just not safe for the kids to go out adventuring on their bikes. Here, they can ride or walk to the library, walk to the penny candy store or for ice cream, it’s just all right here. We simply love it.”

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