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Osterville abode provides a home away from home

Home Away from Home, Early Summer 2017 Cape Cod HOME |

The new fire pit on the terrace is a social magnet. Designer Sally Wilson created multiple inviting conversation areas. Photo by Michael J. Lee

The lower level finished basement is indulgently fun. The requisite comfortable seating for movies and sports is punctuated by games from another era. A retro-style Pac Man Battle Royale for two players commands attention in a corner of the space, and games from the ages are found on coffee tables and end tables – even the walls are ready to throw the dice. Wilson sourced digital prints by New York artist Peter Neumann that depict still life interpretations of classic boards and game pieces that instantly transport one to a simpler time. A lobster pot rocker crafted by Chatham’s Local Color Gallery owner, Julie Eldredge-Dykens, provides the seaside flair found throughout the home.

But perhaps the most popular space to gather in this expertly executed vacation home is the outdoor patio. Accessed via a smartly appointed sunroom dressed in crisp gray-greens and orange, the outdoor patio was slightly enlarged to accommodate a custom fire pit designed and built by Barattini. Understanding how much the McCarthys loved and used their fire pit in Acton, Barattini incorporated the smallest detail into his plan to provide a worry-free outdoor spot. Wilson furnished the large terrace with lounge chairs for the fire pit, additional seating for conversation groups, and a large dining spot for the whole family, all overlooking the verdant grounds of Wianno. The McCarthys’ eldest son is just starting to catch the golf bug, and he and his father are taking advantage of the course whenever they can, but Claire, despite not being much of a golfer herself, says, “Surprisingly enough, it is completely enjoyable to just watch the golfers move up and down the course at a leisurely pace. It’s like our version of watching the boats go by.”

They say that sometimes it takes a village, in this case it took a world-class interior design team and an abundantly caring care-taker to create a new home for the McCarthys’ on Cape Cod. Claire and Mark gave Wilson Kelsey free rein to make the decisions about how their family would enjoy and experience their vacation home. Claire told Wilson she wanted the ‘television reveal,’ and that’s what she got. In the spring of 2016, the McCarthys’ drove their lively family from Acton to their new house in Osterville and walked into a home. The family ran and poked around the entire house, discovering surprising yet accurate interpretations of their lives at every turn. Beaming, Claire McCarthy turned to Sally Wilson, looked her in the eye and said, “I know it sounds like a cliché, but, Sally, you nailed it! Completely nailed it!”

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