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A Return to Baking

After rediscovering her true passion, Amie Smith opened AMIE Bakery in Osterville

Walking into AMIE Bakery of Osterville, guests are transported to a chic French patisserie. Black and white tiled floors lead customers to the glass cases filled with creamy gelato, fresh baked breads and decadent desserts. Architecturally clean lines throughout the space and soft pastel accents invite guests to sit, stay and sip for a while. 

“I had always loved to be in the kitchen my whole life. When I was little, I’d be glued to the T.V. watching Julia Child, and my mom would have to peel me away. I liked being in the kitchen so much that I even used to ask for cookbooks as gifts,” says owner and chef Amie Smith. But life goes on, and Smith found herself drifting away from the kitchen. For most of her adult life, she worked in the high-tech arena of corporate marketing and branding, and after the 2008 crash, Smith found her business quiet and her phone silent. 

Looking for a new direction, she decided to enroll in a professional pastry program at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City where she had taken classes before. At her “cake test,” her instructor could sense the love and passion coming through her baking. “I loved it more than I ever thought I could,” says Smith. 

“It became my mission to bring back authentic pastry and baking to the masses,” says Smith. “At AMIE Bakery, we are committed to scratch baking our products. Today, a vast majority of baked items that are sold are pre-made, manufactured or processed. I wanted to make everything the way you would make it in your own kitchen, using whole ingredients. The first thing my chef instructors asked was if I wanted to make any money,” she laughs. But, Smith swears by the labor-intensive processes she undertakes, stating that there’s a clear difference in taste between factory-made and scratch-made morsels. “I want people to know what real buttercream tastes like,” says Smith who credits a childhood fueled by Swiss meringue buttercream as one of the many reasons for her passion for baking. “We crack all our eggs here. I could buy pre-cracked eggs and save in labor, but we buy flats of eggs and crack every one.”

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