When architect Doreve Nicholaeff of Nicholaeff Architecture & Design was chosen to design a sprawling summer compound on Osterville’s “Gold Coast,” she knew that the main house, guest house, and pool house had to be grand—and not just because these structures had to be large enough to accommodate a family of seven and extended family visitors as well as weekend guests.

A Stunning Seaview Avenue Compound is a Cape Cod Showcase of Architectural Design and Innovation

Nicholaeff also wanted to capture the sweeping beauty of the seascape, the expansive flow of sea, sky, and beach that have made Seaview Avenue one of the most coveted addresses on the East Coast for more than a century.

Osterville Oasis

Photo by Dan Cutrona

When she saw the seaside 3.4-plus-acre property, Nicholaeff knew that she had to let her imagination roam beyond the usual architectural principles she uses to design a single structure. “It was a challenge trying to figure out how to design—and integrate—three separate buildings, all of which had to work together and yet individually take advantage of the spectacular environment,” says Nicholaeff.

In her Osterville office, Nicholaeff spent many hours working on the spatial relationships between the three structures, which eventually covered 18,966 square feet. “These three structures were in my head the whole time I was doing the design,” says Nicholaeff. “The challenge was creating defined spaces that work together providing for relaxed, comfortable seaside living.”

An Osterville Oasis

Photo by Dan Cutrona

Nicholaeff worked closely with Edgehill Construction Enterprise of Needham, who had experience working for the homeowners and who put together the entire design and construction team for the project. “We found the site, gathered the team, and delivered a one-of-a-kind home that would fullfill anyone’s once-in-a-lifetime dream of what a waterfront home could be,” says an Edgehill spokesperson.