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Osterville pool house makes a splash

Making a Splash, Summer 2017 Cape Cod HOME |

Crisp linens, a comfortable bed and additional room for three adults make this suite functional, yet elegant. Photo by Richard Hilgendorff

“Amy had a blank slate, and she really wanted to make this a comfortable space for her children and grandchildren to be able to settle in for the weekend, but also enjoy the pool without any bother,” Malone explains.

Coordinating a spa-like palette of white and sea-mist green with a punch of turquoise, Malone says, “Amy wanted all of the soft colors, a beachy feel, but still sophisticated. Kid-friendly and pratical, but also soft and friendly.”

Years in the design business have allowed Malone to create a custom line of furniture called the Nautique Coastal Collection that incorporates the nautical and sometimes personal details that can make a client’s space unique. In this space, Malone kept it simple with beadboard bedside tables, upholstered club chairs, custom cushioned wicker arm chairs, a slip-covered sleeper loveseat and lamps from her Nautique lighting collection. An oversized, comfortable bed is crowned by a turquoise beaded chandelier. “That is Amy,” Malone smiles, “she loves things to be fun and just a bit of bling. Just a touch, just enough.”

Hardwood flooring is softened by custom-sized, indoor-outdoor rugs with a whimsical Susanna pattern in a soft teal. Collins and her builder also incorporated a Murphy Bed covered in white beadboard into the design, resulting in overall sleeping space for five adults or countless toddlers. “We sacrificed precious wall space that might have otherwise been used for art or something pretty, but the space needs to work for us. If it doesn’t work, it is no good to me,” Collins explains.

A separate entrance that leads to a private parking area provides seclusion that other guests might also appreciate. A second spacious bathroom was added to the guest house that allows for the living quarters to become a private ensuite, closed off by a door that connects to the fully functional kitchenette. A perfectly respectable entryway welcomes guests from the pool deck with an exquisite scallop shell mirror crafted by one of Malone’s favorite local artisans, Nick Nickerson.

“You know, my son, who recently graduated from Georgetown, sometimes has his college buddies stay here.” Collins jokes, “That mirror might be the only thing that could suffer their antics.” Malone assures her that Nickerson can easily restore the artwork to its former glory if necessary. That is the Nautique way—no matter what the client needs, Malone and her team will go the extra mile to fulfill his or her needs.

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