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Out to Sea

Sea Tow Cape and Islands provides crucial support to mariners in distress

Soon the company had seven gas pumps running full bore, pumping water out, and they were able to get the bow of the boat beached at Nobska so it didn’t sink to the bottom. It took all day, but they were able to patch the hole and the boat limped into dry dock for repairs.

Jessup has seen any number of things go wrong, from engine fires to simply running out of fuel, but if he had just one piece of advice for mariners, it would be to always travel with anchors the right size for your for your vessel. A boat adrift is in danger, but a good anchor can at least keep you off the rocks until help arrives, he says. The accepted ratio is to have seven-to-nine feet of rode (anchor line) per foot of depth to allow the anchor to properly dig in. Jessup frequently sees boaters with insufficient line to do the job properly.

No rescue operation, however extensively prepared, can substitute for good seamanship, proper training, and the use of safety and navigational equipment. But knowing you have Sea Tow on call if things go wrong provides a little peace of mind for mariners around the Cape and the Islands.

For more information, visit or call 508-564-9555.

Rob Conery is a frequent contributor to Cape Cod Life.

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