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This “party barn” looks so fun!

Ready to Party

Early 1800’s historic home gets a modern, renovated entertainment space

Perched above Barnstable harbor in the old village lies a home bar and entertainment space like no other. The “Party Barn,” situated above the home’s garage, seamlessly looks like part of an addition to an 1830’s home, but has modern technology behind the scenes. Constructed by Marstons Mills’ Doug Mullen of Mullen Building and Remodeling, the home’s new bar and music performance area provide an open and inviting area for fun get-togethers. 

Maintaining the integrity of the house and paying tribute to its history was of the utmost importance to Mullen and the homeowners. Implemented across the construction was the reuse of true vintage pieces salvaged from multiple sources including a prior renovation of the main house, a former salt works relocated from the salt flats just beyond the harbor. 

Reclaimed wood comprises nearly all the wood products in sight including the bar top, cabinets, shelves, walls and fireplace mantle. Working with such antique pieces, some over a hundred years old, offered a history lesson during construction. All kinds of antique materials were used in the project, including an antique ship’s lantern that shines down from the barn’s new cupola. The homeowner had a number of reasons for including original and older materials; “It makes the space unique and provides character,” she says, explaining, “Every original piece we use is a story, a conversation piece.”

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