Photo Portfolio: George Vosgerichian

Cape Cod Life  /  August 2019 / , ,

Writer: Mariah Shield / Photographer: George Vosgerichian 

the sea from sand & sky

George Vosgerichian has mastered capturing the beauty of the Cape from all perspectives

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With two feet planted on the sand, Cape Cod is already a sanctuary of beautiful beaches and ocean scenes. But from up above, a view known to a select few, it manages to create an even more magical image. A channel turns into an intricate scene of shoals intertwining with sand, decorated with a million shades of blue and boats navigating their way throughout. Or a simple, sandy split in Chatham Harbor, that from the ground looks like another piece of beach, is a zoomorphic image of a dolphin leaping out from the water. These sights are what inspired photographer George Vosgerichian to begin his ongoing project, Over Cape Cod, where he aims to capture the entire coastline of the Cape and Islands, after his first aerial shoot five years ago.

For Vosgerichian, photography has been a long-term hobby. He got his start with landscape photography, before falling in love with the views provided from up above. “Aerials provide an unparalleled perspective of vast panoramas of the Cape’s natural beauty,” says Vosgerichian. And while drones are a popular choice among many, he stands by plane flight as the essential way to capture a deeper perspective. 

Initially, the unique perspective the air provided was enough to get Vosgerichian back in the plane, with expectations to capture similar views. So when he realized the majority of the landscapes he had previously photographed had shape shifted into something entirely new, he was shocked, intrigued, and incredibly inspired. This shift he noticed in the land then prompted a shift in himself, from a photographer to an environmentalist. He became especially interested in the dynamic interaction between land and sea, the changing of the coastline, and the long-term implications of erosion, and much of the proceeds from his photography go to conservation efforts on the Cape and Islands. He has made it his mission to document the ever-changing landscape for as long as possible, so that generations to come can witness these changes as well.  

As he says, “May we endeavor to preserve our sandy haven onto the ages…” visit overcapecod.com for more and visit shop.capecodlife.com for a special pop-up of Vosgerichian’s prints.