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Polhemus Savery DaSilva revamps iconic Chatham home

Tides of Change, Annual 2017 Cape Cod Home |

Riptide | Gold winner • Excellence in Remodeling – Whole House | Photo by Brian Vanden Brink

A historic home on the Chatham waterfront gets a much-needed makeover

Merriam-Webster may not define the term as such, but a riptide is, in effect, an unforeseen tidal force that unexpectedly pulls an object or a person in an unanticipated direction.

It could be said, then, that a figurative riptide drew Bill and Bonnie Daggett to “Riptide,” the historic coastal oasis on Chatham’s Shore Road they would come to call home. While out jogging one day in 2008, Bill Daggett noticed a house for sale just a sand dollar’s throw from the Chatham Bars Inn—thus providing the couple the opportunity to live in an accommodating waterfront home in the town they love.

Riptide is the third historic Chatham house the Daggetts have called home, having outgrown their previous two Old Village abodes as their family expanded. The 5,100-square-foot colonial revival, one of Chatham’s most well-known properties, sits high above Chatham Harbor and offers sweeping water views. This was tough to tell prior to recent renovations on the property, though, given the overgrown trees and bushes lining the property and the home’s dark, closed-off first floor. “It had potential,” Bonnie says, “but it took a lot of imagination. We wanted to maintain the charm of the house, but it needed to be opened up, it needed to be brighter, and we needed to take advantage of the beautiful views all around.”

So the Daggetts enlisted Cape Cod-based integrated architecture and construction firm Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders (PSD) to do just that. The goal for the remodel, says design principal John DaSilva, AIA, was to transform the early 20th-century house into a home conducive to comfortable, contemporary living. For their work on the project, which includes a reconfigured floor plan and a few exterior tweaks, PSD won gold in the 2016 BRICC Awards Excellence in Remodeling category.

Having worked with the Daggetts on renovations to both of their prior Old Village residences, DaSilva says he and his team were confident going into the collaboration with the couple. “Their interest in doing something playful and whimsical falls right in line with our interests,” he says. “We’re very serious about not taking ourselves too seriously.”

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