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Renting on Cape Cod? Find out how this company is different from the rest!

Summer Fun for Everyone

Del Mar Vacations is shaking up the rental market on Cape Cod…in a good way. Interior designer Cathy Kert dusts off a Cape Cod classic home and gets it ready for the season.

“Everyone has a story. And each one is different. The ways that people find their way to Cape Cod for the first time, everyone takes a slightly different and unique path. That is just one of the ways this area is so special,” remarks Luke Chapman, owner of Del Mar Vacations in Orleans, as he reflects upon the countless homeowners and renters that choose to spend their vacation time on Cape Cod. Luke and his wife Christina are rolling into their fifth season with their unique vacation rental company that differentiates itself from all others with an uncommon business model. They provide full-service vacation rental management and guaranteed income, so homeowners know they won’t have to lift a finger, and they’ll know exactly how much they’ll make for the summer season.

“We operate a little bit more like a hotel, although it is still a private home, and the homeowners still vacation at their homes. It is a nice value-added service, since we provide all of the property management and all of the cleaning, and all of the landscaping, and all of the marketing for the home. By putting that all under one roof, it allows us to deliver the quality that has become the standard vacationing guests expect from a world-class resort,” Luke explains. This all-encompassing approach allows Del Mar to respond to guests’ needs, not just in a timely manner, but immediately. Again, think high-end resort—if you call housekeeping or maintenance, you have an expectation to have your concerns addressed quickly. A traditional rental scenario might involve a call to the realtor, who may (or may not) call the property management company who may (or may not) get a contractor dispatched in the next few days.

As a result of their commitment to quality and responsive fulfillment, Del Mar Vacations has a portfolio of desirable properties across the Cape that both homeowners and rental clients express their high level of satisfaction with when asked what makes Del Mar a different experience. One such homeowner, Pedro Bento, is a new client of Del Mar’s and says the experience has surpassed his expectations. Pedro’s parents recently sold White Village Cottages, a collection of seasonal cottages on Beach Point in North Truro that they had maintained and rented for years. The family wanted to invest the proceeds into a property arrangement that would take the back-breaking work off of their parents, but still allow them to reap the benefits of a rental property, as well as the added bonus of a home large enough to accommodate the Bento family for their own weeks of enjoyment throughout the year.

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