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Renting on Cape Cod? Find out how this company is different from the rest!

Pedro found a quintessentially classic home on Pleasant Bay in South Orleans, with water views from every room and thoughtful architecture throughout. After personally overseeing a renovation of the home, Pedro was introduced to interior designer Cathy Kert via Del Mar, and the rest, as they say, is history. Cathy, the principal of Cathy Kert Interiors, is a talented visionary who can translate a client’s wishes into a space that often exceeds their imagination. The task at hand was to fully furnish a six-bedroom, waterfront home that would be turnkey ready for the busy rental season, in just over 90 days. Never one to back down from a challenge, Cathy stepped up and delivered.

“Thankfully, the home had been renovated and freshly painted, but we had to furnish everything,” Cathy recalls. “I put every item, from bedframes, mattresses, pillows and rugs to dishes, coffeemaker and wine glasses into a spreadsheet and gave the Bentos a range of a budget. We agreed on a comfortable budget and I am happy to say that we created a beautiful, welcoming house—and it all came in under budget.” Cathy focused her spending on quality pieces for the more durable items like beds and couches, and for the lower end of her budget, she and her design assistant Amy Seroussi scoured the Internet and major chains for all of the fill-in items like accessories and kitchen stock. 

“We kept it fresh, happy and vibrant though by using decorator fabrics on small accent items like throw pillows,” she explains. “That way you still felt like the sophistication was present because they were the focal point anyway.” A coastally inspired theme is present throughout, as it is presented in plenty of wall art that depicts beaches, soothing scenarios and signs portraying kitschy, beachy slogans. “The goal was to make things remind the guests that they were on vacation and keep things upbeat,” Cathy says. Perhaps one of the biggest design challenges was not the budget, and not the timeline, but the obstacle of designing for an unknown client. “It was a different project from most that I do, because usually you have to find out what kinds of things make the client happy and content,” Cathy says. “In this case I was designing for an unknown entity. But somehow that just made it more of an adventure. I always try to envision who will be living in the homes we design and create suitable spaces for their lifestyle: areas for eating, entertaining, reading, napping, playing games and enjoying the beautiful views.”

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