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Repurpose, recycle and re-use!

How much wood would a woodworker re-use . . . if the woodworker found great wood?


Photography by Saltwater Woodworks

One trend currently boosting the popularity of furnishings with a greener footprint is the appeal of rustic pieces. Saltwater Woodworks of Falmouth, for example, takes reclaimed wood and repurposes it into more modern pieces, each with its own story. “It is a completely different buying experience,” says owner Matt Sullivan, comparing Saltwater Woodworks’ commissioned jobs and one-of-a-kind items versus buying factory-made furniture and decor.

Sullivan tells the story of one old farmhouse in Lakeville that had to come down, and today its remnants can be found in a desk, benches and flooring in a new home. “These surfaces have a history, a story,” Sullivan says, pointing out nail holes, patina and other details. The company has also transformed old wooden benches from a local high school into fodder for some wonderful new pieces. “First we had to get rid of all the gum underneath,” Sullivan laughs. Next, they sanded the wood and stained it a cobalt blue, creating a strikingly modern cabinet, which retains its history. “I am not a tree hugger,” Sullivan says, “but reusing the wood appeals to me because it is so much more beautiful and interesting.”

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