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Writer: Brenna Collins

Seaport Shutter Company

Photo by Teagan Anne

A distinctive door and Architecturally Correct® shutters from Seaport Shutter Company are bold, beautiful and made to last.  The team of craftsmen make Custom Screen and Storm Doors, Exterior and Interior Shutters, Adirondack Chairs and Signs that will transform clients’ homes into thoughtfully tailored spaces. “Our products are authentic, classic and timeless. The materials we use, mahogany and cedar, are quality materials that will age gracefully,” said Sales Director, Lauren Huard. Customers have the opportunity to make their home extra special by choosing a custom design or from one of our signature designs. We love being able to make that happen.”  

The idea for the company began from a lack of options in the marketplace for quality shutters in the 90’s. Owner and Founder Peter Malone decided to make shutters as he was renovating his old Sea Captain’s home in Harwich Port. Once hung on the house, a passerby stopped and inquired about his craftsmanship. At the time, Malone was working in the corporate world by day, switching gears to a growing shutter business by night. In 1997, Malone left the computer business to focus on Seaport Shutter Company full-time. “I was working at night out of my carriage house for three years trying to prove this concept. I told people I was going to enter the shutter business. My wife asked if I was crazy. I said, ‘maybe but we will find out,’” Malone laughs. 

The company will be celebrating 25 years in business in 2020, a milestone and a true testament to the quality and timelessness of their products. Peter Malone hired his daughter,  Lauren Huard, to run the sales side of the business in 2012-an easy transition from the PR world to a business that she loves. 

The products are custom made in Seaport Shutter’s manufacturing shop in Chatham. From the detailing and sanding to the five coats of finish applied on all products in any color, the final product is a work of art. There is no need to provide measurements or hire a carpenter to do the work–—Seaport Shutter’s skilled finish carpenters will measure and install across New England, ensuring a perfect fit and scale for the home. All products can be shipped across the US as well.  The Exterior Shutter, their original product, is available in every style, including: The Flat Panel, Raised Panel, Mixed Louver, Board and Batten, Traditional Louver and Olde Style. 

The company prides itself on creating Architecturally Correct Shutters® that are measured perfectly, installed correctly and look as though the shutters will close and protect the window. Interior shutters are also available in furniture grade hardwoods and can be painted to match any trim color. 

The various designs of Seaport Shutter’s Mahogany Screen and Storm doors, line up appropriately with the entrance door on the home–creating clean lines and a snug fit. Most homeowners order the tempered glass panel and love that it is a year round, air tight, screen and storm combination door. The screen and glass are easily interchangeable from the inside, allowing soft breezes in during the summer and keeping out the cold come winter. 

Perfect for the front porch or lawn, Seaport Shutter’s fleet of Adirondack Chairs are built from Western Red Cedar. The fleet includes:  The Classic Adirondack, the Child’s Adirondack and the Senior Adirondack-made with a flat seat for easier in and out access. The chairs can be finished in any color and serve as classic New England outdoor furniture for the entire family. 

The company offers unique designs-cutouts, carvings, and appliqués, which are additions to any of their products. These designs have become part of Seaport Shutter’s iconic, signature look that resonates with people. The cutouts, like the popular starfish, are cut out of the wood, carvings are carved into the mahogany or cedar and appliqués are raised medallions. “All of our appliqués are handmade, in-house by our team of artists,” says Huard. “The medallions are really special to us because we do not sell them individually and they go on our products only.” With over 95 appliqué choices, including the classic scallop shell in gold leaf, there will surely be a choice for everyone. Custom designs are possible as well, and the team goes above and beyond to create a design that the homeowner will treasure. 

“We have a client who lives in Chatham—his principal residence is in New Canaan, Connecticut, where he lives on an apple orchard. He wanted one of his doors to have an apple tree on it, so we made him this custom appliqué,” Huard says, pointing to an intricate gold-leaf apple tree with painted red apples.

In the past five years, Seaport Shutter has become a certified Hunter Douglas dealer and installer. The company has also developed their own paint line, The Seaport Palette, including unique blends like Hydrangea Blue, Olde Navy and Mint Julep. A new branch of their business was introduced too, The Sign Shop at Seaport Shutter. It may be a simple house number sign or a large quarterboard sign for above the garage. Thinking of naming a Cape Cod residence? The team at the Sign Shop can customize the home’s unique name in a sign that will be a focal point and a conversation piece. 

The company also has a sales office in Natick and a sparkling new showroom located in the historic Brewster Garage on 6A in Brewster. Aside from Seaport Shutter’s quality, there is an emotional component to these pieces. “Our products evoke a feeling,” says Huard. “Helping to create a space that invites family traditions for years to come and brings joy to people, makes us happy and keeps the creative aspect alive.”

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Brenna Collins