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Salt Ayr

The marsh room, a one-of-a-kind tropical oasis, is used as the guest room. “Susan has done a remarkable job of creating the look of a tropical resort with natural rattan furnishings—shades, a queen-sized bed, night tables, and a desk and chair. Again, the colors of peacock blue, cream, and palm greens complement the view of the marsh outside the windows,” the homeowner confirms. The bedspread, a colorful collection of palm leaves, is the star of the show, creating a fun and unexpected environment. Finishing it off, the floral artwork perfectly coincides with the color palette. The window treatments, as with the remainder of the home, pull from the surrounding nature outside.

As with many beachfront homes, the quality of living here goes beyond the interior. What distinguishes Salt Ayr are the array of decks that take advantage of every view. “The many decks have become such a feature of life here that they have their own names: at the driveway door, it’s the Aloha Deck, then coming up the outside stairs on the west side of the house and past the shed is the Mermaid Deck. Then it’s the Sand Bar that surrounds the windward ocean deck with a wall separating the brick walkway from the sea wall, and the Sunset Deck which faces the marsh, and finally the SkyBox, which is the deck on the second floor of the house overlooking the sea,” the homeowner explains. “Despite the short season of warm temperatures we have here in New England, the decks really expand the life of the house so they became one of the main priorities in furnishing and decorating. I still look to the outside, both to the ocean and to the marsh as inspiration for my daily life—in decorating, reflecting, and the normal activities of living,” she continues.

Salt Ayr’s precious nature lies in its range of sweeping views. While the marsh sways in the breeze to the front, the ocean dances just behind. Inside, life has taken shape with each view as a muse; each room a work of art inspired by the coastal environment. For the homeowner, every day by the ocean is a gift, whether cozied up in the study, lounging on the decks, or strolling along the shoreline with continued joy and amazement at the ocean’s unpredictability. As for the home’s name, Salt Ayr reflects all that life can be along the ocean for the homeowner and her partner. “I could have named the house any of the other choices we considered for the joy of life it has brought me, but Salt Ayr reflects the house it will always be, perched on the edge of the magnificent ocean,” she says.

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