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Savoring the seaside

Savoring the Seaside, Autumn 2017 Cape Cod HOME |

The kitchen of this Osterville abode is a cook’s dream, complete with exquisite craftsmanship. Photo by Dan Cutrona

An Osterville kitchen remodel of refined elegance

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In the culinary arts, the most exquisite dishes rely upon the perfect combination of flavors, and of the finest ingredients, to create the most memorable sensations of taste and delight. Often, the most simple combinations of ingredients produce the most delicious creations. Take strawberries, for example, the basis for many classic summer desserts. Consider the effects of serving local, organic, ripe strawberries paired with homemade whipped cream from grassfed cows, sweetened with pure Vermont maple syrup. These three ingredients can create a taste experience that guests may remember for years. Now contrast this by offering diners an elaborate strawberry trifle, one chosen from the dessert section of a trendy supermarket. While the latter may look fancier or even more decadent, it likely contains dozens of unpronounceable chemicals, high fructose corn syrup, and flavorless berries; it’s virtually guaranteed to be forgotten. Thus, taste begins with key ingredients rather than with outward appearances. In terms of home design, in no room is this axiom more fitting than in the kitchen.

When Main Street Kitchens remodeled the kitchen in this 1930s home in Osterville, the homeowners, designers and builders partnered to use the finest ingredients in a project that would win a 2016 gold BRICC award for “Excellence in Remodeling, Kitchen.” Not only have they created a winner, they revolutionized the home of an owner with a passion for both cooking and entertaining. The new kitchen preserves the original style of the house, but it has opened the space to maximize its usefulness, its comfort, and its seaside location. Like the trifle of the above example, the original kitchen area was too busy, too chockablock full of different elements. When the family moved in, back in 1992, it was actually four separate rooms. “It was impossible for two people to work in it,” the homeowner recalls. Now, the space is expansive and inviting, with a massive black-honed granite countertop at its heart, and the overall craftsmanship is stunning.

Andrea Waite, designer at Main Street Kitchens, says, “We tried to keep everything in the style of the rest of the home, really make it look like it fit in, and still get everything the homeowners wanted.” Selecting Grabill Custom Cabinetry assisted in achieving this, and Bayside Building installed a coffered ceiling that affords even more light and space. Pendant lamps from Shades of Light serve to both illuminate the counter when it is used as a cookspace and to provide atmosphere when guests use the stone surface for dining. Tile backsplashes in a basketweave pattern provide a nod to the home’s “Italian villa style,” as the homeowner describes it, and hardwood floors —replacing the tile of yesteryear—have changed the overall tone of the room dramatically. The owner says, “The wood floors totally warmed up the room, and the acoustics are so much better; the tile echoed, which I didn’t care for.”

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