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Savoring the seaside

Savoring the Seaside, Autumn 2017 Cape Cod HOME |

The captivating view of an endless parade of boats entering and leaving the channel, and Oyster Harbors beyond, entertains the homeowners and their guests. Photo by Dan Cutrona

“Everything I wanted, Paul understood and created,” the homeowner says. The results have been revolutionary for the homeowners, their extended family and their guests. For over 20 years, they have used their home for entertainment, for annual family reunions of roughly 40 people, for large meetings, and for fundraising events. Prior to the renovation, the old kitchen sufficed, but it was never optimal. The homeowner explains, “It’s been kind of like when I was young and everyone was getting a dishwasher, but I didn’t think I needed one. And then we got one; you never realize what you’ve been missing until you have it.”

The homeowner’s analogy understates the amazing transformation of this room on the water, but it also cuts to one of the kitchen’s true purposes, that of a utilitarian workspace. The 10-foot granite-topped island is perhaps the finest embodiment of the room’s understated elegance. There’s nothing pretentious about it, yet it’s beautiful. The homeowner found the large piece of stone before the project even began, and she bought it on the spot, knowing that it would become the new room’s centerpiece. “It’s very difficult to get one this big with no seams,” she says. The island is the perfect height for prep cooking, and it can accommodate a number of cooks working simultaneously. One could roll out bread or a pie crust while another builds a salad and another stuffs a turkey. This has added entire new dimensions to holiday gatherings and to the four-day-long family reunions that the homeowners host every Labor Day, as the process of cooking has become social and open rather than isolated and closed off.

“No matter what we do to the rest of the house, everybody always stays in the kitchen,” the homeowner says. “Paul and Main Street Kitchens were wonderful to work with. We’re totally happy with the renovation, and now I have more storage than I could ever ask for. I do manage to use it all, though.”

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