“Seaquins” and Sea Stars

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Writer: Brenna Collins

Susan Lister Locke’s Sparkling “Seaquin” Collection

Every piece of jewelry has a story, whether it be a token of love or the embodiment of an exceptional memory or vacation. The Cape and Islands hold a special place in the hearts of many, and the right jewelry can represent the fondest of seaside memories. Susan Lister Locke’s jewelry serves as the perfect reflection of quintessential moments by the sea, with thoughtfully crafted, high-end designs inspired by coastal life. 

The winning combination of high karat gold, precious gemstones and soon-to-be signature designs make The “Seaquin” Collection one of Susan Lister Locke’s most exciting new jewelry collections. It includes rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Each piece is crafted in 18kt Gold and inspired by sea treasures including oyster and scallop shells, starfish and seahorses. Its selected gemstones reflect the colors of summer, including Paraiba Tourmaline, multi-colored Sapphires, Australian and Mexican Opals, Tanzanite, Diamonds, and more.

Susan’s love of nature translates into her designs. Her stunning new piece, Stella Marina (Star of the Sea), is a museum quality, awe-inspiring bib necklace. This 18kt Gold piece shimmers with Diamonds and other precious gifts from the sea—from its focal point, a large Diamond encrusted starfish, to the sand dollars, smaller starfish, turtle, seahorse, gold coins and her signature “seaquins” that surround it. Finished with a detailed sand dollar clasp, Stella Marina is the pièce de résistance of the treasured “Seaquin” Collection.

Inspired by Herman Melville’s masterpiece, “Moby Dick,” The Magnificent Moby Whale Collection™ is crafted in variations including: charms, pendants, pins, cufflinks, tuxedo studs and earrings. Available in 18kt Gold and Sterling Silver, certain styles are made in three sizes: “Mini Moby”™, “Moby in the Middle”™, and “Magnificent Moby”™. New to the collection, “Moby in Diamonds”™ is looking festive—let him swim alone or layer him with another; either way he is a vision of elegance.

Fascinated by family coats of arms and the stories they tell, Susan Lister Locke has created a collection of custom made signet rings for both men and women. Each piece is hand engraved, whether it be a family crest, monogram, or unique design. Recently featured in Veranda Magazine, the Ashley Oval Signet Ring in 18kt Gold is an heirloom to be worn by generations. Susan is keen to use her research and creative skills to continue creating special styles. Inspiration can be found on her website.

Voted Nantucket’s Best Jeweler for the past four years by readers of Cape Cod Life Publications for the annual “Best of Cape Cod & the Islands” awards, Susan Lister Locke’s famed works are inspired by the aura of the island. Exploring the streets of downtown Nantucket will lead you to her waterfront gallery on Easy Street, showcasing her extensive collection, as well as the work of other featured artists. A former career in the fashion industry and a life of travel has refined a creative passion that is evident in every piece. Her craftsmanship is unmatched, with the use of the best gemstones and metals ensuring only the highest quality products. Almost any piece can be custom crafted in 14kt or 18kt yellow, white, or rose Gold, Platinum or Sterling Silver. With so many one of-a-kind pieces, there will surely be a treasure for all among her creations.

Visit Susan Lister Locke on Nantucket, or online at susanlisterlocke.com!

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