Season of Anticipation

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Writer: Julie Craven Wagner / Photographer: Meghan Murphy 

As the days get longer, and the temperatures rise, the world on the farm gets ready for what lies ahead.  Those unfurling moments of time between spring; the groggy, vulnerable, shivering moments when the natural world emerges from a cold hibernation, with increasing velocity become perhaps the best part of the year—early summer. Each day as the sun’s rays get stronger, longer and more direct in the bath of warmth and rejuvenation, the plants, insects, animals and humans all take stock in what the next season has in store. Every corner and facet of Marstons Mills’ Homestead Farm reflect the transition and preparation the entire eco-system employs to ready itself for the hot season to come. “Everything is buzzing,” owner Joan Spiegel confirms. Her terminology is appropriate given that she and her partner Russell Giammarco are enthusiastic and accomplished beekeepers. Spiegel says that after wintering over in their hives, the bees are actively working, like well, busy bees. “They are out looking for pollen sources. Now is the time of year they are raising babies to get them ready for the busy summer season. The flowering fruit trees; cherry, pear, even ornamentals, are all good sources of pollen. The willows are a really, really big source as well,” Spiegel explains. Giammarco finishes her thought as he adds, “Now is the most active time because the weather is good, it isn’t too hot.”  “They are also sometimes collecting nectar this time of year,” Spiegel asserts. “But we’re feeding them a concentrated sugar mixture so they can start building up.” The team has also installed five new packages of bees (somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 per package) into their various hives. The activity to ensure a productive and healthy future is hard-wired into each bee’s DNA ensuring every bee, who has a…

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Julie Craven Wagner

Julie Craven Wagner began her experience with Cape Cod Life in 2010 when she joined the sales team after 10 years of working with local businesses on the Cape and Islands with WMVY. In addition to sales, she is the Associate Publisher/Editor of Cape Cod LIFE, Cape Cod HOME, and Cape Cod ART. Growing up on the Outer Cape has given her a unique perspective of life on Cape Cod, from tip to bridge, and that is reflected in her appreciation and presentation of stories found within the pages of our publications. Julie lives in North Falmouth with her husband, Eric, and their yellow lab, Enzo. When she finds free time, she enjoys her Cape Cod life sailing on Buzzards Bay, spending time on the beach in Wellfleet, or exploring Martha’s Vineyard.