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She Said Yes!

In addition to his family, Connor had enlisted Erin’s best friend Mallory Pound in on the secret. That afternoon, bemoaning the fact that she had to take out the dinghy before going to a nice dinner, Erin connected a few dots and flippantly asked Mallory if Connor was intending on proposing to her. “She didn’t miss a beat and said, ‘Erin, I would sue him if he proposed without running it by me first.’ All it took was her reassurance,” Erin shrugs. “And I thought, oh, okay, I guess it’s not tonight.”

Twenty minutes before the two departed in the “Queen Mary”, family friend Max Hart took Mary and photographer Abby DelSignore out to the Island from Parker’s Boatyard on his own skiff. “My sister and I had a code signal–we’re texting each other, but in emojis. Like code words,” Connor grins. Once on the Island, Abby crawled with her camera through the brush and poison ivy to get to just the right spot. 

After such a long-con, it thankfully didn’t take much to convince Erin to pull the apparently faulty dinghy up onto the shores of Bassett’s. Connor begins, “We start walking, but I had the ring in my pocket. This ring was like the size of a fist in the box. And she’s trying to walk on my right side where the ring was.”

“So he physically moved me, like, ‘no, go over here,” Erin pantomimes. 

“As we get closer, I’m getting worried because I see Abby’s grey hood.” Connor explains. It dawned on him that it was finally time for the big moment. “I don’t even remember what I said,” he blushes. “I kind of blacked out.”

Erin picks up the story. “You turned to face me. And that’s when you said…what did you say?” She laughs.

“I said, ‘I want to ask you something? Do you want to take a journey with me?”

“Or do you want to do this thing with me?”

“Do you want to get married?”

“And that’s when I was like, ‘Wait, are you really doing this?’ Then I started to cry.” 

And that’s when she said, “Yes.”

The couple is tying the knot at Shining Tides in Mattapoisett next August. Reflecting, Erin muses, “Had he not gotten the job he currently has, we would have never crossed paths. So it was kind of perfect. We always talk about how it seems God always had a plan…the stars aligned for us.

Rachel Walman is the assistant editor at Cape Cod Life Publications.

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