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Siemasko & Verbridge

 Cape & Islands Architects and Builders


Courtesy of Siemasko + Verbridge

What makes Siemasko & Verbridge special, says the Chatham firm’s lead architect Leslie Schneeberger, AIA, is that every house the firm designs and builds is truly distinctive.


Courtesy of Siemasko + Verbridge

“I would never look at a Siemasko & Verbridge project and go, ‘Oh, Siemasko & Verbridge.’ But I would look at a Siemasko & Verbridge project and say, ‘That’s a really nice building, its beautifully done, and really well-detailed,’” Schneeberger explains. “What I really enjoy is that we can take any client’s taste and work with that to make a great design.”

In business now for over 20 years over the bridge, Siemasko & Verbridge are new to the Cape, setting up an office in Chatham just last year. The Beverly-based company, founded by architect Thaddeus Siemasko and interior designer Jean Verbridge, offers a full palette of design/build and remodeling options as well as interior design and landscaping services.

Schneeberger, who has been in the architecture and design field for 15-plus years, says that when first meeting with clients she wants to know, “What is the deep statement that they’re telling me? What is the big thing I need to address here and make sure it presides throughout this project?” Finding design opportunities within a given project is motivating to Schneeberger. “Even in the smallest project,” she says, “I find there’s at least one great design opportunity, and that’s what is going to make it a really interesting project both for me and for the homeowner.”

This New Hampshire native also has a background in interior design. Though an architect at heart, Schneeberger says she enjoys putting her interior design skills to use for Siemasko & Verbridge. “I love the collaboration of architecture, interior design, decorating, and landscape design that Siemasko & Verbridge offer the Cape,” she says. “It just makes for a better final product.”

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