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Farrow & Ball paints shine with great coverage and elegant hues
BP 4403 Amime-RT

Courtesy of Crown Point Cabinetry

There is a reason that Farrow & Ball paint is finding its way into today’s upscale homes around the world. The company has a well-earned reputation for lines of premier paint and wall coverings.

One of the qualities that make this paint a frequent preference among discerning homeowners and painting contractors is its rich depth of color.

“There is less water concentrate in our paints, so more color is getting on the walls and spreading further. One gallon can cover up to 570-square-feet of wall space, so you get a ton of coverage from one can of paint, giving you good value for your dollar,” says Luke Ehlers, gallery manager and office manager for Toby Leary Fine Woodworking in Hyannis.

“The application is fantastic. I recommend a primer with two coats. Because the pigment is so rich, many homeowners are tempted to stop after the first coat, but I always recommend the second coat. It just takes the color to the next level,” he adds.
Among the qualities that make this paint outshine others is an ability to refract light, rather than reflect it, says Ehlers. “There is titanium dioxide in our paints, so when light is directed at the wall, it is not reflected. You are seeing a richer color, a better depth. It is amazing how it reacts with light.”

With only 132 colors available, homeowners are not overwhelmed by options. “The colors are true, so it makes the decision process that much easier for homeowners,” says Ehlers.

With four different finishes, including one for floors—or even countertops—that can stand up to almost any abuse, the Farrow & Ball line has the perfect shade and finish for any room or project.

Another product that is popular among discerning homeowners is Farrow & Ball’s wallpaper. Painted with the company’s signature paints, Ehlers says, “Wallpaper is making a come back. Right now we have a print called Feather Grass that is very popular. It evokes the feel of an English countryside.”

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