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Special Spaces: Cotuit Bunkhouse

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Special Spaces

Home is a place that embodies countless definitions for an endless number of people. Sometimes it has the foggy atmospheric memories of childhood, and sometimes it takes on a crystal clear focus of a future ideal.  Whatever feelings and energies our homes emit, there are also layers of purpose, vitality and comfort that unique places within our homes possess and contribute to the way we use and enjoy our space. As we get a glimpse into some of these special spaces, we gain an opportunity to explore and imagine how our own lives would interact with these environs and how our own families would accumulate memories that might be passed on to the next generation. 

Cotuit Bunkhouse by Stephen Bishopric • Staging accomplished by Rita Pacheco, RiEvent, Falmouth

Mike and Donna Coutu have been blessed with nine grandchildren, but their summer home in Cotuit was just a bit too tight for all of the mayhem that ensues with a large extended family that has young grandchildren. The owners of Sudbury Design Group enlisted the expertise of Stephen Bishopric of Osterville to convert the second story of their barn into a bunkhouse. A bit of smart planning, a beach-inspired color palette, and a whimsical, yet oh-so-functional, bathroom, and the kids (and adults) know that visiting with the grandparents is a special treat every time.

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