Spotlight: Cornerstone Financial Group

Cape Cod Life  /  June 2023 /

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In your corner, by your side

Integrated financial guidance through experience and integrity.

“In your corner, by your side” is the tagline of Cornerstone Financial Group and it’s a concept they’ve been dedicated to since they opened their doors in 2017. Your finances are of the utmost importance to you and your family—they reflect your past, determine your present and shape your future. Owner Brendon Elliot has carefully curated a team who work together to support the unique variety of financial goals, personalities and lifestyles of Cornerstone’s clients. By definition, a cornerstone is the first stone set when laying the construction of a masonry foundation. Elliot, being the son of a stone mason, knows that all other stones laid afterwards will be set in relationship to this stone, thus determining the strength of the entire structure. Cornerstone Financial Group is committed to helping you set your own foundation and build a solid financial base. 

After nearly a decade in the financial services industry, a partner in the Boston General Office of New York Life, insurance licensed in sixteen states and holding twelve state securities licenses, Elliot founded Cornerstone Financial Group in order to provide even more personalized service to locals. 

The knowledgeable staff believe in ‘The Cornerstone Way’ which is essentially three tenets upon which their business is founded: protection, accumulation and retirement. Working with you, they address these three aspects in order to create a financial strategy that fits your life and your personal timeline. Protection: Cornerstone realizes you’ve worked hard to date, and they will work with you to minimize potential risks and recommend a game plan to help you feel secure. Accumulation: helping you formulate a plan to accrue wealth means you’re well positioned to face whatever the future may hold. Retirement: wanting to cease working is one thing but executing it is another. Their retirement planning helps you utilize your resources, setting you up for success by giving you the confidence you’ll want as you enter this well-deserved phase of life. 

Kevin Ewing, a financial services professional at Cornerstone states, “This business is built on relationships. It’s not transactional. Our approach is to provide comprehensive planning that is integrated with our clients’ tax, estate, and long-term care planning. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen two major tax law changes regarding retirement accounts as well as several significant interest-rate hikes. Having a strong relationship with your advisor allows you to prepare for these changes in advance instead of reacting after the fact.” 

Financial success isn’t all about the numbers and Cornerstone’s mission statement reflects that. They sponsor several local organizations, and their social media is chock full not just of tips about the current financial market but also of images of their families, gratitude for one another and their clients, birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday celebrations. Cornerstone is truly talking the talk and walking the walk.

Their intention to build collaborative relationships with their clients and the community is evident in their non-cookie cutter approach. Being resourceful, reliable and accessible are their superpowers and they find no greater acknowledgement of success than in referrals. Cornerstone Financial Group offers a multitude of services and just a few of them are: college, estate, and retirement planning, asset protection, and 401K rollovers. Their business-to-business referral base is strong; when you need guidance, Cornerstone can recommend someone, and you can trust that you’re in good hands. 

Actions speak louder than words and Cornerstone Financial is truly ‘in your corner, by your side’. In order to get started with your own financial journey, you can find them online at cstonefinancial.com, in the stately Landmark Building in Plymouth, and their locations in Bridgewater and Hyannis. 

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