Spotlight: Khouri’s Oriental Rug Company

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Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications

Old World Service And Care

Khouri’s Oriental Rug Company has been consistently servicing homeowners for almost 100 years.

Khouri’s Oriental Rug Company
92 Industrial Drive, Mashpee, MA 

Floor coverings are truly the foundation of any good design, and any rug of quality could quite possibly be the most significant single investment, not only in a room, but, in all of your home’s accessories. This workhorse of design and comfort, not only deserves, but demands care, cleaning and maintenance by a seasoned professional who understands the nuances every rug presents. Residents of the Cape and Islands are uniquely fortunate to have Joe Asack and Marion Khouri, owners of Khouri’s Oriental Rug Company, along with their knowledgeable and caring staff, at the ready to care for the unique needs of area rugs.

While the old-world company was established almost 100 years ago, Joe and Marion have been advising, repairing and maintaining homeowners’ fine rugs for over 30 years. “We have become part of our clients’ families,” Marion shares. “The phone rings and as soon as I see hear their voice, or hear their name, a whole lifetime of memories comes flooding through. We catch up on children, grandchildren, life events; it is just such a strong connection we have with our customers, as I say, they are like family.”

Joe, whose warm and vivacious personality belies his depth of knowledge and experience, has countless stories to share about rugs that others might have discarded or discounted in value, but Khouri’s has been able to restore and provide years more enjoyment for their owners. “I will tell a client sometimes the hard truth about what it will take to restore a rug,” Joe explains. “It may not always make sense to make the investment, but our clients are sometimes emotionally invested in a rug, and it suddenly has a unique value to them.”

Maintaining value in rugs that have more than nostalgic significance is really where Khouri’s excels. From the field personnel that pick-up and deliver rugs to clients’ homes, to the true craftsmen (and women) that repair and restore carpets that took old-world masters years and often decades to create in the first place. Joe says that their years of experience in the industry have afforded them the ability to understand the idiosyncrasies of different styles and designs of rugs. “We know how to clean a Claire Murray rug, or a braided rug, or a machine-made custom rug. We’ve seen a lot over the years,” Joe explains. “All oriental rugs are not the same. There are different regions that use different dyes, and different wools. You need to understand the history before you can give the rug a future.”

Joe and Marion recommend homeowners make an honest evaluation about the frequency of cleaning their rugs. “You wouldn’t go years and years without cleaning your floors,” Marion shares. “If you are going to feel comfortable having your grand-babies crawl on your rugs, you should feel comfortable that they have been properly cleaned.” That thorough cleaning takes a bit of time, and Joe says that is the primary objection for most clients—how long their rug will be out of their home. “I tell people it will be a number of weeks and they are disappointed. Some even say that others will promise to clean their rugs in less time,” he explains. “But, you can’t thoroughly clean, and air dry a rug in a hurry. And when we call them to schedule the day it will be returned, that is the day we show up. That really shocks people, but that is just how we do business, we meet our commitments.”

A little advance planning, a call to catch-up with Marion, and a lot of peace of mind that an established, respected organization will care for your treasured investment, is what you can count on with Khouri’s Oriental Rug Company.