Spotlight: Light & Living

Cape Cod Garden  /  GARDEN ANNUAL 2022 /

Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications

Add drama and interest to your landscape with the flip of a switch.

Light & Living, now with a third showroom in North Eastham, has become the leader in both interior and exterior lighting excellence. Owner and founder Steve Rice brings three decades of experience working with homeowners, interior designers, and world-class hospitality partners across the globe to his own part of the world, Cape Cod. Rice’s innovative and creative lines of lighting speak to every taste and style, adding the final touch, like jewelry, creating the perfect mood and design to make your home sparkle under the optimal lighting conditions.

The most recent application of Light & Living’s interpretation of how to highlight your world is found in their new Landscape Lighting division. Offering functional illumination as well as accent ability, the wide array of lighting products and solutions Rice and his team utilize will transform your property into an impressive and warm environment. 

Light & Living exclusively uses exterior fixtures that are crafted of solid brass with a powder coat finish or 316 stainless. “Aluminum or steel fixtures won’t stand up to our harsh coastal environment,” says Rice. “They will rust, corrode, or peel in a matter of months–not years. Our lighting placement will maximize the benefits of your landscape, offering the same enjoyment in the evenings as the daytime hours.” 

Light & Living’s showrooms are located at 3 Main Street Mercantile in North Eastham, Suites 4, 5, and 17. To see more from Light & Living, visit lightandlivingdesign.com. To make an appointment, call 401-952-1080 or email info@lightandlivingdesign.com

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