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Springtime on Chappaquiddick

Peaceful gardens, colorful wildlife and a dynamic coastline are just an island away

When considering the places you might go to relax, to enjoy nature or just to get away from it all, what scenes come to mind, and what are the details you envision? Do you see a quiet, sunny spot offering a warm, Atlantic breeze? Are you near the beach in this daydream, and yet nearer still to a small pond, one that glows with goldfish and is surrounded by flowers and trees? Are there birds about—and we’re not talking seagulls and turkeys—but cardinals and hummingbirds, ospreys and majestic, great blue herons? Do you see other wildlife, too, perhaps colorful dragonflies flitting around, turtles peeking their heads through the lily pads, and river otters making an occasional, playful appearance?

Springtime Chappaquiddick

If you have imagined some of these details, perhaps you have been to the Mytoi Garden on Chappaquiddick before, and you’re recalling the serenity of your time there. Or perhaps when your thoughts wander to a peaceful stroll or getaway, the details listed above—which describe a Mytoi morning in spring—just happen to settle into your thoughts? And now, intrigued to learn more about this hidden gem on Martha’s Vineyard, perhaps you will be booking your next trip to the island?

Just a few miles from the OnTime ferry—which transports vehicles, cyclists, and walkers on a 90-second trip from Edgartown to Chappaquiddick, Mytoi Garden is located on Dike Road, just a short walk from Leland Beach and the Dike Bridge. Spread over three meticulously manicured acres, the garden is owned and maintained by The Trustees of Reservations, one of the state’s largest land conservation organizations. The property consists of 13 different “rooms” or gardens, each featuring different plants and themes. As visitors make their way from one garden to the next along winding pathways, the changing landscape evokes unique feelings and inspires different moods.

Springtime on Chappaquiddick

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